A list of the top 100 most popular baby names for 2020 has been released so if you're expecting this year, and need some ideas for a name, here's what's trending...

According to the baby website, TheBump.com, the most popular name for a baby girl in 2020 is Mila. Perhaps the parents are fans of Mila Kunis. The most popular name for a baby boy for this year is Braxton. FYI, if you Google 'Braxton', the top results will most likely be for Braxton Brewing Company or the R&B singer, Toni Braxton.

As for other top names for girls in 2020: Aaliyah, Aurora, Aria, and Amelia rounded out the top five. As for those that choose Aria for a name, just know that you're spelling 'Arya' Stark's name wrong if you're naming her after the character on 'Game of Thrones'.

The rest of the top five names for boys in 2020 went as such: Zion, Hunter, Kai, and Urban.

One name that happened to make the baby girls' top 100 for this year was Corona. It happened to be number 100 on the list. I suppose nothing says remembering a pandemic like naming your daughter after the deadly virus that occurred during that year, but to each their own. You could always say you named her after the beer.

I'm just more disappointed that 'Jax' didn't have a better showing on the list for boys. Jaxon showed up at number 81 so I guess I can live with that, although more parents should name their kids after me. I feel a little slighted. However, Keanu showed up at 71, so I'm at least in striking distance of 'John Wick' and/or 'Neo'. I'll take it.

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