The Male Oklahoma Brown Tarantula is taking over Colorado for the next two and a half months for migration, according to Fox 8.

Just four hours south from Cheyenne in La Junta, Colorado tarantula's are taking over the highways. State Highway 109 each year is taking over by these arachnids. The migration period started last week and will continue on through October. Every day around 6:00 PM you can catch a number of these guys crossing the highway to find their female mate.

The Male Oklahoma Brown Tarantula is on a mission. When these tarantulas turn 10 it is time for them to mate. This time of the year they go out seeking a female mate living in the grassland. If they are lucky enough to find a female mate, they will procreate and the male tarantula will go off and die most likely.

These tarantulas are very harmless but if you do get bitten please seek medical attention as it could cause injury or allergic reaction. The peek of the migration is September 10th. This is when you can see thousands of tarantulas crossing the highway. This takes place near Comanche National Grassland.

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