Sweetwater Events Complex has been hosting 3 weekends of horse racing between August and September for years, that may be coming to an end soon, according to Rocket-Miner.

The staff of the events complex doesn't think it would be a smart idea to continue to run horses this year due to the lack of participation from the community. No one is showing up for the races making it hard to pay the bills and the upkeep of the facility. With no one coming to the races and no donations, the complex is falling apart and needs some repairs but they can't afford it.

The plan is to try and have other events during those times when the races were happening to try and fill that void.

The Executive Director Larry Lloyd had this to say to Rocket-Miner, “Horse racing was utilizing much of the Events Complex property for a month. Horse racing requires the use the Indoor Arena, stalls, campground, grandstands and Small Hall with little return back to our community.”

If you would like to know what is going on at the Sweetwater Events Complex, find them online today.

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