In 2016, near Kemmerer, Wy a rare mammal fossil was discovered.  Now for the first time, it will be on display in Laramie at the Wyoming State Geological Survey (WSGS) offices and the end of this month.

The fossil, which was an ancient tapiromorph (similar to modern tapirs, normally found in South America and Southeast Asia), was found by Rick Hebdon, owner of Warfield Fossil Quarries.  He usually finds fish and other small fossils in this area, that he later sells commercially. Since this fossil was so rare and found at a state-leased quarry, he had to turn it into the state.

"They usually find fish in that area, and they accidentally found this by, unfortunately, putting a shovel through its head," Andrea Loveland, a geologist at the Wyoming State Geological Survey told Wyoming Public Media.

September 24th-28th, the public can view it in the WSGS offices in Laramie.  Then it will be moved to the Wyoming State Museum in Cheyenne in early October, there will be an open house on October fourth.


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