Cheyenne Mayor Rick Kaysen says a proposal to locate the Cheyenne Children's Museum in the downtown property commonly known as "the hole" is moving forward.

The property has been vacant since a fire destroyed a business located there a decade ago, and the site is widely regarded as a major eyesore in the downtown area. But Kaysen says he understands the museum has purchased the majority of the site formerly owned by a Kansas company, allowing the process of locating a museum to move forward.

Fundraising and planning for the museum still needs to be done. But Amy Surdam, President of the Board of Directors of the museum, says that if all goes well, work could begin in September of 2015 and the facility could open a year later.

The city still owns part of the property, but the museum idea has a lot of energy behind it. The new business would represent a big improvement on the vacant lot that currently exists there.

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