The Oxygen Channel's 'Cold Justice' show was just in Carbon County, Wyoming opening up two murder cases that were never solved, according to Casper Star Tribune.

It was a two-part episode, first starting off with Thora Kjelsrud, who was found dead on her water bed in May of 2003. When it was first discovered many people thought it was a suicide. After further investigation, it seemed to be murder because of all the bumps and bruises Thora had on her body. Another red flag that it wasn't suicide was how perfect her room was with no disturbance at all. You can watch the first episode in full and see a re-enactment video of the crime scene when police found Thora.

The second part of the two-part episode has to do with Debra Hamilton who was found dead, propped up in her recliner at home. It was believed at first that she died of an overdose. Upon further investigation, it seemed to be a murder also. The first clue was her hair was too perfect, almost as if someone fixed it after her death. Another clue was her necklace was perfectly centered on her neck/chest. The last clue was her hands and feet were perfectly crossed. There is also a video to reenact the scene of when Debra was found dead by police and the episode that was aired on the Oxygen Network.


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