A child that is ready to start kindergarten this fall will be the only student at the school in Albany County School District No.1, according to Gillette News Record.

A new school will not be built for this child, Cozy Hollow School will open back up.  This school hasn't been open in almost a decade and when it was open it was teaching the same family.  The school definitely needs some touch-ups and new furniture.  ACSD No.1 has another one person school, Notch Peak Elementary, in the district but during the winter it would almost be impossible to drive along the road that connects the schools to make it one school instead of two.

With these two schools operating, the district will have to spend $150,000 a year teaching these two students.

The child who is starting kindergarten in the fall will have another sibling start at the school in two years.  At least the teacher will be busy.

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