Wyoming wouldn't be the first state most people think of to base a video game around.  Since it is National Video Games day, we did some research and found five great games based out of Wyoming.

The Sideshow map in Advanced Warfare is set in Wyoming at the Clown Inn (which isn't real).  Players run around the motel, trying to avoid bombs being thrown from the clowns head on the welcome sign.

In the game, the plot spans over 30 years,  During that time crucial events took place in Wyoming. Play the game to find out what happened.

This game is about the Yellowstone fires of 1988 and how one man was hired to be the fire lookout.  After a series of strange events that surround him and his boss, things get interesting.

The game involves two brothers and one of them ends up in Jackson, Wyoming.

(Content Warning: Foul Langauge)

There is a point in the game where the main characters fly to a secluded place in Wyoming where they do bio-weapons research.


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