Attention late night shoppers.....we now have one less option for grocery shopping for you Night Owls here in Cheyenne.

About two weeks ago, our local King Soopers on Dell Range changed their operating hours from being open 24 hours to now closing from Midnight to 5 a.m. The bottom of their sign on the front of the store has even been changed from "Open 24 Hours" to the bottom part of the sign being covered in red.

If you're like me, you definitely enjoyed another place to shop besides being forced to shop at Walmart after Midnight.

Although they were stocking their shelves in the overnight hours and you had to deal with walking around carts and pallets of products, it was still great to be able to get what you need and use the self-checkout to get out quickly.

I asked two employees why the hours changed, but they said that they "weren't sure" and they "just found out about it."

Sadly, now our only option for purchasing groceries after Midnight is our two Walmart locations.

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