According to the Laramie County Fire District 5 team in Pine Bluffs, it was a scary scene for two motorists Monday afternoon in Interstate 80.

The strike hit two vehicles going opposite directions between mile markers 398 and 399.

From the photos released, it appears one was a Ford F150 pickup and the other a semi-truck.

Luckily, both motorists escaped any serious injury, however one was taken to the hospital with minor pain.

According to Laramie County Fire District 5, this should be a learning experience for everyone...

1st... inside your vehicle is a good place to be protected from lightning if no other shelter is available. 2nd... keep your feet and loose items off the dash because you never know when or why your airbags will deploy. The pick up shown had both passenger and drivers airbags deploy. Having your feet on the dash when one deploys could cause serious injuries also having loose items such as books, phones, tablets etc. Could be launched at high speed causing injury.


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