We are in the middle of the summer, out camping, boating and traveling this great state of Wyoming. Whether it's hiking the state parks, going to Laramie for their Jubilee Days, or Casper for the Bear Trap Festival.

It doesn't matter where you're going, it gets hot, you're hungry and want a tasty, cold treat to enjoy.  With it being National Ice Cream month we wanted to let you know what the best Ice Cream shops were in Wyoming,  according to Best Things Wyoming:

This isn't your regular run of the mill ice cream shop, flavors like blueberry cobbler, chocolate macaroon, espresso chip, pistachio and more.  Also don't forget they have gelato and sorbetto.  Just as their website reads, " We take your ice cream cravings seriously."

The official "Home of the Big Cone," has more than just ice cream.  Pizza, gourmet coffee and deli subs are also a great purchase at Farson Mercantile. Someone from Texas was visiting Wyoming and here is what he had to say as quoted by Farson Mercantile, "We are from Texas and went through Wyoming thought we would stop for a small ice cream cone, but needless we were surprised the ice cream was delicious and the service great.  All we have to say is Everything is bigger in Texas, but Wyoming has us beat on ice cream cones."

With the Food Network's approval and two Certificates of Excellence from TripAdvisor it's hard to argue that Moo's isn't the best ice cream in Wyoming.  They serve all natural and organic ice cream and sorbet.  The treats are evening suitable for diabetics and dietetic.

Cold Stone has done so well at becoming a household name that Cheyenne chooses to treat their sweet tooth too their infamous Birthday Cake Remix, Oreo Overload, or maybe get a custom cake made.  Go and enjoy watching as they mix your ice cream on the frozen plate in front of them.

Start your day off with a fresh roasted cup of coffee and then end your work day with a bowl of cookie dough ice cream.  It is served fresh daily and make sure you are hungry because this is a meal within itself.

Some people want many different flavors or toppings on ice creams.  But at Ken and Betty's they specialize in the cones.  They hand make the cones daily with multiple flavors.  Get one of there 16 different hand dipped flavors in one of their waffle cones.  You also can't go wrong with the customer experience either.

When you make your way to Kendrick Park Place get the Huckleberry Heaven, it's a fan favorite.  For the kids they have color changing spoons.  If you're a chocolate lover ask for the Death by Chocolate.  Don't forget about the flavor of the week.

You better stock up on the Scream Shack when you can because they are only open in the summer.  If there is one thing you must try it is the Choke Cherry Shake, words can't describe it you have to try it yourself.  But if sherbet is your thing then get the Maui Waui flavor.  With two shops on the top 8 list of best ice cream of the state, it looks like Lander, WY has the secret to people's sweet tooth.

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