Former University of Wyoming Quarterback Josh Allen currently plays for the Buffalo Bills in the NFL. After training camp each day the players usually sign autographs for the kids, but Josh wasn't signing what this one kid had.

In the video, you can see Josh is very happy to speak with the kids and sign autographs. But when one fan handed him a Miami Dolphins jersey to sign he wasn't having that. Josh grabbed the jersey and made a joke about the player's name on the jersey, "is he still there?" He pretended like he was going to step on the jersey or throw it away. Someone off-camera threw Josh his Buffalo Bills jersey to sign for the kid.

Josh wanted to make sure this autograph meant more than most. So, Josh found a table to write on to get that perfect autograph. It looks like Josh is fitting in quite well in Buffalo. You may be on the other side of the country but we still support you, Josh. You are a Cowboy for life.

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