Social Distancing is all the rage in the age of Coronavirus. Six feet, two meters, a couple of cart lengths, one cow length, or however you measure it; staying away from other people is the hip thing to do.

We want to jump on the social distancing bandwagon! You could win Social Distance Dollars with us right now and you could win $1,000 every time we play and up to a $10,000 grand prize.

That's right, we've got dollars to reward you for social distancing with some personal stimulus cash. Ready to do it?

How it Works

  • Do this right now: set your radio to 106.3 Cowboy Country, download the Cowboy Country app, or ask Alexa to listen every weekday.
  • We'll give you 3 codewords throughout the day - be sure to listen all day long, because we'll give you hints about when the next word is coming, too.
  • Enter each word you hear on our station app.
  • We'll draw from all correct codeword entries and reward $1,000 every time we play
  • And one player will be randomly drawn for the biggest stimulus check anywhere, $10,000 - the more codes you enter, the better your chances

If you've heard some code words and ready to cash in, enter the winning words here.

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