Santa Claus is coming to town in t-minus ten days. Are the kids already losing their minds? My son has woken up every morning asking, "Is it Christmas yet?"

He's not a fan of hearing that Christmas hasn't arrived. But I've found a way to cool his jets about the whole "when is it Christmas" ordeal - every night, we've started checking in on Santa Claus with the help of NORAD and Google.

Tracking St. Nick's Big Trip Started with a Fluke!

The men and women at the North American Aerospace Defense Command have been keeping tabs on St. Nick's annual journey since 1955 when the unit was still the Continental Air Defense Command (CONAD) Operations Center.

According to NORAD, the first mission to track and support Santa's important trip began after a misprinted ad shared CONAD's number with children as a source of Santa info. After numerous calls, CONAD decided to make the service a tradition. When NORAD officially formed in 1958, the project continued.

Today, NORAD uses high-tech satellites to track the big man himself, offering updates on Santa's journey to kids worldwide.

How Does NORAD Track Santa?

The folks at NORAD have all the high-tech gear needed to support Santa's journey into North American airspace. They use radar and satellite technology of the North Warning System to monitor the sleigh's journey around the globe. According to NORAD, "Normally, those sensors allow NORAD to see heat from launched rockets or missiles."

But for Santa, the system picks up on the infrared signal from Rudolph's nose - apparently, the famous reindeer's nose gives off a heat signature similar to a missile.

Here's How to Track Santa's Arrival in Wyoming

You can start tracking Santa with the kids now! NORAD's official Santa Tracker website has a countdown timer to get the kids excited for the big night. The site has fun games, movies about NORAD and Santa, Christmas music, and more. Visit the NORAD site by clicking here.

Or Try the Google Santa Tracker

If you want to explore another Santa Tracker, Google has stepped up its Christmas and offers one too. Like NORAD, the site offers games and activities to entertain the kids and get them excited for Santa's imminent arrival.

Visit the Google Santa Tracker by clicking here.

When Does Santa Arrive in Wyoming?

Santa doesn't visit until the kids are tucked in bed, dreaming of sugar plums. But you can let the family know that he usually swings into the Cowboy State between 9 p.m. and midnight on Christmas Eve. But if the kids are still up, he'll stop by another house and return later, after the children have fallen asleep.

Little Knowns Facts About NORAD Santa Tracking and His Sleigh

On Christmas Eve, Santa takes off for his annual excursion of goodwill around the world, tracked by the North American Aerospace Defense Command. You can even call to find out where Santa is located on his journey. Scroll on for some little-known facts about tracking Santa, his sleigh, and St. Nick himself, provided to us by NORAD.

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