Post Malone was a definite hit at Cheyenne Frontier Days 2019. A sold-out crowd and lots of people saying how much they liked the show.

So, we were wondering who could top Posty next year at CFD?

To find out we turned to you. On Facebook, we asked what non-country act would you like to see at Frontier Days? And you had a lot of suggestions. Now, we have no idea how these decisions are made or anything about the money involved, but with that in mind; Here are our very, very unscientific results:

Judging by the response the people would really, really love to see Metallica take the stage at Frontier Park. Whether it was their only vote or part of a list of ideas, Metallica was consistently asked for.

An odd, but reoccurring suggestion by many people was Lady Gaga. I would see that show, and it would be fun to see a giant crowd of cowboy-hatted folks sing "Poker Face." I didn't realize that there were so many Monsters in Cheyenne.

Rock was the dominant genre people were asking for. The heaver side, from Five Finger Death Punch to Breaking Benjamin, was represented. Thre is also a strong contingent of classic rock fans that want to see Def Leppard and Guns n Roses at the Daddy of 'em All.

A couple of newer rock acts got lots of love too, Imagine Dragons and Panic at the Disco. Both great ideas in my opinion. Especially IG, which has become one of those bands that cross generations.

But, there was one stood out, to me anyway. It is one of my personal favorites, an artist that has has a nearly four decades-long career and has been a part of all our lives. This artist can entertain all ages and perform any style of music. He would be perfect for CFD 2020. That's right: 'Weird Al' Yankovic.

Al can rap, rock, put on a hat and get country. He does love songs, party songs, songs about food and Star Wars. Something for everyone!

OK, if the folks at CFD are listening, here is our formal proposal, based on responses from the public, for the next CFD Frontier Nights concert line up:

  • Show 1: Metallica
  • Show 2: Lady Gaga
  • Show 3: Johnny Cash and 2 Pac holograms duet
  • Show 4: Def Leppard (and probably Styx. They always seem to be hanging around with Def Leppard)
  • Show 5: Imagine Dragons
  • Show 6: Metallica (But this time they play the Black Album in its entirety and nothing of the latest CD)
  • Show 7: 'Weird Al' wth the greatest show the Front Range has ever seen.

You can thank me later CFD for planning what will be the greatest lineup in the history of lineups. I predict that it will sell upwards of a dozen tickets. At least!

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