The Hallmark Channel has decided to lift the spirits of those who have been social distancing and in self-quarantine with a weekend Christmas movie marathon.

It will be like the holidays at my sister-in-law's all over again (she watches Hallmark movies non-stop during that time). Hallmark will begin its Christmas movie marathon this Friday, March 20th at 11 a.m. MST.

The marathon will go for 27 consecutive Hallmark Christmas movies, with the last one beginning at 5 p.m. on Sunday, March 22nd, culminating with the final movie, 'Christmas in Rome', starring Lacey Chabert. Side note: You may also remember her as Gretchen from 'Mean Girls'. She doesn't exactly try to make 'fetch' happen in the Hallmark movies she stars in.

Hallmark movies are not bad though. I can watch them. I'll admit, they're quite entertaining, especially when you make drinking games out of them. For instance, take a drink when Candace Cameron Bure sounds condescending. Then again, if you use that rule, you may not make it past the first movie.

But seriously, it's nice to see Hallmark doing its part to raise morale during these times of uncertainty in the world. Enjoy your Hallmark Christmas movies this weekend!

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