When I was growing up everyone wanted to be a police officer, it was one of the most honorable jobs you could have. You were trusted to serve and protect, you were looked up to and respected. As much as I wish officers were still treated this way, it's so easy to highlight the bad actions of a few. But there are so many tremendous things that officers do each day that most go without recognition. A Grand Junction Officer did something last week that was tremendous and I thought it deserved some publicity.

As Officer Daly was working her normal shift taking care of the streets of Grand Junction she noticed a dog that seemed to be lost, or at least running loose. After wrapping up the call she was on she was met by a neighbor worried about the dog. Thinking fast, officer Daly retrieved a snack from her patrol car and headed toward the pup.

The Intelligent Officer Knew Just What to do When Approaching the Lost Dog

Officer Daly was quickly sharing a treat with the dog, as he was hungry after being lost for a while. Luckily this story ends with good news as the dog was quickly returned to his owners after enjoy a day out on the town.

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Thank You to All Colorado Law Enforcement

These officers are our friends and neighbors who put their life on the line each day to keep our communities safe. Hopefully, we start seeing more respect for these brave men and women. Thank you to each and every law enforcement officer who serves and protects the great state of Colorado each day.

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