Sure, block party’s can be fun, but a party to benefit A.L.S., now we're talking about a party. That should be a meme. But in all seriousness, this is a really cool cause. A.L.S. has been a known disease for far too long to not have significant research toward to be on the verge of stopping this illness. It's crippling and deadly, so any reason to help out this cause is a great call to action.

This Saturday, the awesome people at Danielmark's Brewing are helping to raise money for the Rocky Mountain Chapter of The A.L.S. Association.. The block party is happening from 1pm-9pm Saturday and word around the watercooler is there will be a cornhole tournament.

When you swing by Danielmark's, you can also enter a raffle to win a sweet ATV from Cheyenne Motorsports.


Just think about those corny hole boards, calling your name. Saying, please, come play on us and help out A.L.S. It's the best thing you could possibly do on Saturday. That's what they would say if they could talk, of course. Also, who wouldn't want the title of Cornhole King or Queen?


They gave me a lot of material there to work with. In all seriousness, I'm really excited to personally support this on Saturday. Danielmark's also probably has the best back patio in Cheyenne, and the weather will be nice Saturday for you to enjoy one of their beverages and help support the cause. I'm not seeing anything to takeaway from this event. Let's help out A.L.S.! V


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