Last week, The Goodness Food Truck came up missing in Fort Collins. This week it was found in Rock Springs, Wyoming according to 31 Fox Denver.

Not only was the food truck stolen on Labor Day, but it was stolen from an American Legion Post. The owner, Michelle Aldrich, said her truck was stolen between 2 am and 7 am Monday morning, September 2nd. Michelle purchased this truck back in 2016, you would see the truck at weddings, outside breweries, and of course food truck rallies.

Thankfully, the truck was recovered over the weekend in Rock Springs. Luckily, Nicole and Richard Talley spotted the truck behind a camper in their neighborhood.

"Well, we saw a camper, and then behind the camper was a food truck," Nicole Talley told 31 Fox Denver. "And it was there for a couple of days, and my husband was laughing and was like, 'That food truck's got to be stolen'."

After questioning the food truck odd placement, the two were on Facebook a few days later and saw a post about a missing food truck out of Fort Collins.

The two went back to where they saw the food truck and realized it was the one missing. They called the owner of the truck and then the police.

Michelle came to Rock Springs on Tuesday when she confirmed that it was her truck. After checking it over and finding a few things missing all in all the truck seemed to be okay.

Today, she is spending the day cleaning up her truck and re-purchasing the items that were stolen so she can get back out on the road for a food truck rally on Thursday.

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