CLARIFICATION: An earlier version of this story did not make it clear that the Lincoln Theater renovations are being undertaken by a non-profit entity, The Alternative Arts Project, a 501c-3 non-profit community improvement charity.

Local Cheyenne business people, Jon & Renee Jelinek, founded the Alternative Arts Project and are spearheading the Lincoln Theater renovations.

The current phase of the Lincoln project, and the current fundraising campaign, is to pay for the demolition of two walls in the theater, in the balcony and on the stage. Taking out those walls will increase the stage space, making it a better fit to host national touring acts. Removing the wall in the balcony will help open up the space, resembling the theater’s original design.

You have our commitment that we will be good stewards of your money, we are doing everything we can to keep costs at a minimum, while also ensuring that this project is done right. When we are done, we will have a venue that rivals the ones in Denver like the Ogden, Gothic and Fillmore. We are committed to doing this not "good enough for Cheyenne" but "good enough for the entire Front Range!"organizers say on their website.

The project needs $60,000 dollars to pay for this phase. Anyone interested in donating, or to find more information, can go here:

From the Alternative Arts Project Lincoln Theater website:

“Through our 501c-3, The Alternative Arts Project, we have been given the opportunity to make this a reality for Cheyenne, giving us a place for live musical performances in a venue that was MADE for live performances with great acoustics and space to gather with friends.

 We will also have the perfect space to re-ignite the original mission of Alternative Arts Project with programs to give teens access to nontraditional arts exposure through music and the arts.

 We have a strong dedication and commitment to downtown Cheyenne and making it a vibrant place, full of activity and full of reasons for people to love living here.”

Townsquare Media Cheyenne apologizes if the original article created an incorrect impression about the nature of the Lincoln Theater Project.


Original story (Published August 2, 2019:

Last year around this time Cheyenne residents were able to take one last walk-through the Lincoln Theater before the remodel took place.

One year later and the remodel is still taking place and seems to be a bit more than the new owners thought it would be. Renee and Jon Jelinek are the owners of the Lincoln and they want to transform this Cheyenne landmark into one of the hottest music venues in the country. They have started the remodel with taking out seats, figuring out what will go where and how things will look.

The problem now is Renee and Jon need your help. Before the couple can start pouring new concrete and making the place look new again there needs to be quite a bit of demolition work done. It will cost $60,000 for the demo, the funds are needed by August 30th to pay the contractors after they do the demo work. This is your chance to help give back and raise the $60,000 for the theater. You can help bring back the theater today by donating.

"The demo is expected to take 2 weeks to complete, so that gives us 2 weeks to raise the money to pay for this phase, so it's time Cheyenne! It's time to show your support for this project and put your money where your mouth is and help ensure this happens!"

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