Some people get excited for family events, the amount of buzz that Cheyenne Superday got last week was incredible! People were so pumped in the return of Superday. Well, I've been here a full year now as of today(thanks for the congrats in advance), so I missed out on my first of most everything last year, including Cheyenne Superday.

I did not, however, miss out on the reschedule of Cheyenne Restaurant Week. If you love a little local flavor and tons of restaurants in Cheyenne coming together to make awesome specials, this is for you. The list of restaurants involved so far include Accomplice Beer Company, Applebees, Black Tooth Brewing, Capitol Cuisine, The Crooked Cup, Dog Haus, Diamond Horseshoe Café, Dillinger's, Dunbar Bistro, ESPI's, Freedom's Edge Brewing Company, The Gathering II Bakery, Hawthorne's Tree, Mary's Mountain Cookies, The Metropolitan Downtown, Mort's Bagels, The Omelet House, Paramount Ballroom, R&B Breakfast Club, RX Tea Time and Wing Shack.

Seven days of your favorite restaurants, breweries, and specialty shops, (and those you've always wanted to try), offering special menus at a special price!

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Restaurants and breweries, you say? Yes, don't forget that the Daddy of the Malt goes hand and hand with Cheyenne Restaurant Week. While you're out dining, don't forget to hit up all four of Cheyenne's Breweries and make the trip out to Pine Bluffs Distillery for BOGO drinks. Plus, if you complete the impromptu brewery walk, you'll get a sweet metal cup from Visit Cheyenne.

Restaurant Week kicks off next week, make sure you check out your Cheyenne favorites and celebrate food and getting to do things again!


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