Pet City in Frontier Mall will be shutting its doors and moving their pets to a new location across from the Frontier 9 movie theater this weekend, according to Wyoming Tribune Eagle.

This family owned and operated business is moving to a much larger space of 5,000 square feet, this will make the new store four times bigger than the old one.  It has been 12 years at Pet City's current location, customer love their store but the biggest complaint was space.  Now that the store will have more space, expect an increase in small animals, reptiles, and spiders for sale.  Also, at the old store, there was only room for one very small play area for potential buyers to play with the puppies. The new space will have 12 rooms to play in and get acquainted with the puppies, one large playpen for dogs, and a party/birthday/educational room as well.

Pet City seems to be getting a new name as well, Frontier Pets.

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