Today is National Newspaper Carrier Day, in honor of those who use to/or still do, get up at the crack of dawn to make sure the city gets their news for the day.  We are going to look at the history of Wyoming Newspapers and rank the top five newspapers in the state by circulation according to

In 1868, Wyoming became a territory, one year after that Wyoming got its first newspaper, called 'Leader.'  The newspaper was created by two men from Colorado, Nathan Baker, and J.E. Gates.  Baker also went on to start the Laramie Sentinel and the South Pass News.  Before the Wyoming Tribune Eagle took over Cheyenne, there were several other newspapers, 'The Daily Argus' and 'The Star.'

Casper Star-Tribune: Casper, Wyoming

The Star-Tribune got started in 1891.  Since then it has had several name changes and makeovers.  In 1965, the Casper Star-Tribune took full effect on the daily paper and the Sunday one.  Fun fact: The Casper Star-Tribune in 1985 was runner-up for the Pulitzer Prize for excellence in public service journalism for its investigation of Northern Utilities Inc.

Wyoming Tribune-Eagle: Cheyenne, Wyoming

There used to be two different newspapers in town, one called Wyoming State-Tribune and the other called Wyoming Eagle.  The McCracken family purchased both papers by the 1940s and combined both of them into what we now know as Wyoming Tribune-Eagle.

Jackson Hole News & Guide: Jackson Hole, Wyoming

In 1978, Jackson Hole Daily was born.  Before that, there were several different newspapers and daily guides.  With all of them competing with one and other, none of them could survive on their own.  In 2002, The Jackson Hole Daily and the Jackson Hole Daily Guide merged together to become Jackson Hole News & Guide.

Rocketminer: Rock Springs, Wyoming

This newspaper was originally started in Green River, Wyoming as the Sweetwater Gazette.  In 1887, the paper was moved to Rock Springs, being renamed the Rock Springs Miner.  1937 was the year Rocketminer got the name we know and love today.

Riverton Ranger: Riverton, Wyoming

Riverton Ranger produces news for Riverton, Lander and Freemont County.  They have been doing so since 1949.

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