Brandt Tobler is a Cheyenne native who has been perfecting his comedy routine since his days at Central High School. Around 19 years before Brandt started comedy, he worked at Frontier Mall.

He started at a pizza place that was run by four Italians who he thought were apart of the mafia.  He tried his hardest to join the mafia but they never invited him in.  After they rejected Brandt from the mob, he got a job at a sports store in the mall.  Since he couldn't join the pizza store mafia, he started his own mafia, the Mafia.

He was running an illegal gift exchange program.  If employees from other stores in the mall wanted something from the sports store, they would bring him something from their store and swap it out without ever paying for anything.  One of Brandt's co-workers didn't like what he was doing, so she told on him and he quit.

Then he got a job at Dillard's and the gift exchange program really got out of control.

**Warning, the video contains adult language**

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