Wyoming isn't a state where people sit around all day and play video games. But it is the perfect state to as a battleground for a game. As of right now, we found five games that at some point during play end up in Wyoming.

Since the game came out in 2014 it has sold almost 4 million copies. While playing Advanced Warfare, there is a Sideshow map that is set in Wyoming. Players run around a motel called Clown Inn (not a real hotel), trying to avoid bombs that are coming out of the clowns head on the welcome sign.

It was released in 2013 and was an instant hit. Fans gave this game a 92.65 rating out of 100. For in-game play, it spans over a 30 year period. At one point, crucial events take place somewhere in Wyoming.

In 1988, Yellowstone had the biggest wildfires it had ever seen up to that point. Well, this game is based on those fires. One man was picked to be the new fire lookout. Once he was appointed, he and his boss and some unexpecting things come up.

This game was released in 2013 and since has sold more than 17 million copies. The plot of the game involves two brothers and one of them ends up in Jackson, Wyo.

This video game didn't do so well amongst the critics, it received anywhere from a 6 out of 10 to a 7 out of 10. When playing the game, at some point you will fly to a secluded area in Wyoming where they do bio-weapons research.

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