Former University of Wyoming quarterback, Josh Allen, may be done playing for this NFL season, but he's still the talk of the town, especially after a new fantasy video game cover features his likeness.

Allen's current team, the Buffalo Bills recently posted an awesome XBOX ONE mockup cover, to their official Facebook page, featuring Josh in his good ole Pokes uniform from college, along with a caption that simply read:

It's perfect.
#GoBills | #GoPokes

EA Sports hasn't made a NCAA Football game since the year 2014, because of name, likeness and image challenges. As of this Tuesday (February 2nd, 2021), ESPN reported that the hiatus will end soon as the sports video game company announced their plans to bring college football to the NEXGEN (next generation) game consoles in the future.

Until that happens though, we will fondly gaze upon this cover and wonder about what could have been.

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