His name is Aaron Biblehauser, a bluegrass singer and songwriter out of Lousiville, Kentucky. He wanted to honor Mickey Clark, a man that helped Aaron get to where he is today, according to Bluegrass Today.

Aaron currently has an album out right now called 'Southwind,' he released it in 2017. Aaron can do it all sing, write, and play several instruments (guitar, banjo, dobro, bass). The inspiration from this song came from Mickey Clark, someone Aaron looked up to and idolized.

Mickey passed away from cancer in July of 2018. Before he passed away he made a song called 'Wyoming Child.' It seems to be about him and a woman traveling and getting lost in Wyoming. The song was originally written by Fred James and performed by Mickey.

Aaron is releasing his second album 'Lovin' and Leavin,' a tribute to his good friend, Mickey Clark. The song will able to stream starting tomorrow.

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