The Cheyenne Office of the National Weather Service is warning about possible severe weather in southeast Wyoming and the Nebraska Panhandle this afternoon.

The weather could include ping-pong ball size hail, 65 miles per hour winds, and even a brief tornado. Heavy rain and flash flooding is also possible in some areas.

That's according to a post on the agency's Facebook page:

What: Scattered to numerous showers & thunderstorms this afternoon & evening - some could be strong to severe.
Where: Southeast Wyoming along and east of a Glenrock to Cheyenne Line into the Nebraska Panhandle. There is a slightly higher area of concentration outlined in the dotted line area from Converse County eastward into Niobrara and portions of Platte, Goshen and into the northern and central Nebraska Panhandle.
2/3pm - 9pm WY
3pm - 11pm NE Panhandle
Hazards Possible: Strongest storms could have quarter/ping-pong hail, 50-65 mph winds, a brief tornado, & local heavy rain.
Overall confidence on storms occurring is high but overall potency will be limited in large scope. That said, there could be 1-2 very strong storms with impactful hazards. Stay alert this afternoon to the changing conditions.
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 The agency posted the following map as well:
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