Shopping malls are always a place where businesses come and go.  Frontier Mall in Cheyenne just recently updated the pet center and added a playground for kids.  In the process, they lost the Simply Mac store.

If you have traveled the country as I have, you shop at a lot of places, go into different malls and see how they are operated.  Here are five ways we can improve Frontier mall:

1. An actual food court.  A place to sit down and have more than four choices.

2. A bar?  In Odessa, TX, not only is the whole mall carpeted but there is a bar inside that you can only access through the mall and three areas where live music was being performed.

3. An amusement park?  The Mall of America has an amusement park inside.  Can you imagine Frontier Mall with a rollercoaster going through it?

4. Daycare for husbands. Revert back to number two.

5. More kiosks to push products on us that we don't need.

*Bonus:  Some say the mall needs a wrecking ball to go through it, what do you think?

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