You gotta be careful with YouTube. You go there to see a movie trailer and the next thing you know your weekend has been lost to compilations of theme songs from '70s TV shows. Interesting side note, it takes 14 replays in a row for the theme for What's Happening to drive your 10-year-old daughter back to her room so you can watch the big TV, that you paid for!.

Anyways, on a recent dive into that cyber rabbit-hole, I found a bunch of videos of the old Elitch Gardens amusement park in Denver. From before it moved downtown in the mid-'90s. When it was at 38th and Tennyson.

Growing up in the Nebraska Panhandle, the Elitch's commercials would always prompt us to pester our parents to make the trek to the Mile High City for the Elitch's/Zoo/Casa Bonita trifecta.

Watch these videos and let the nostalgia flow over you:

Here's some early '90s video

Check out this home movie footage from 1980.

And here's on from 1994.

If you want to go way back, here's footage from the 1950s

and '60s

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