You may be well aware of 'Chicken and Waffles', which has been selling for awhile now at KFCs nationwide, but what about 'Chicken and Donuts'?

KFCs are about to launch the new concept nationwide after testing the product(s) successfully in select restaurants in Pittsburgh, PA and Virginia markets. The nationwide launch will occur Monday, February 24th.

The new 'chicken & donuts' concept will be available to be served both as a meal basket and as a sandwich. The meal basket will come with KFCs chicken tenders or bone-in chicken, served with either one or two glazed donuts. The sandwich is a chicken fillet in between two hot glazed donuts serving as the bun.

As of now, the 'chicken & donuts' concept will only be served on a 'limited-time only' basis through March 16th. During that time, the sandwiches and baskets will be available for prices ranging between $5.49 and $7.99. You can also add donuts to any meal as well.

At this point, I'm not shocked. Some restaurants, state fairs, and baseball concessions across the country serve burgers with donuts serving as the bun. Why not chicken sandwiches?

This also brings another breakfast item to the chicken game. First, it was waffles, now donuts. Are pancakes next? If they are, then I called it. 'Chicken & Pancakes', patent pending.

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