Not-so-news flash—Wyoming is Windy. We have all learned to adapt to it. Here are a few dumb-but-true sure signs you might be from windy Wyoming if…

1. You open car doors one at a time so trash and bills don’t fly everywhere. Couples and friends learn to coordinate this amazing trick—one at a time.

2. You know which business door is always locked so it doesn’t fly open and nail a customer. Yet, you accidentally grab it first—every time.

3. The fences in your neighborhood look like a terrible junior high mixed-media art project with bags, notebook paper, empty cigarette packs and who knows whatever else blown against them. Every once in a while there is a $20 bill, but usually, it's an old diaper or something super gross.

4. You always considered wearing goggles to protect your eyesight from the blowing bricks and small housepets. One of these days Wyoming fashion will make casual goggles the norm.

5. You assume everyone who is walking down a street either had their license taken away or doesn’t own a car because no one in their right mind would walk on a perfectly clear, sunny, 50-degree day in Wyoming—with 80 mph gusts.

6. When you look out the window and notice that trees and bushes aren’t moving, you get really uncomfortable. Why did the world freeze?

7. You don’t even try to answer your phone outdoors because there is really no point. You can’t hear anyone from the roaring wind anyway. Besides, a gust could snag your phone and take it to Nebraska.

8. People come from another state and tell you about their “wind,” and you think it’s really cute. "Oh honey, have they ever closed your highways because of the wind?"

9. You’ve gotten a stab wound from a tumbleweed.

10. Your dog has angrily barked at you for making it go outside to do their duty. And you totally agreed with the poor pooch.

11. You have driven with the pedal to the metal just to get up to 55 mph going to Laramie. Meanwhile, you passed everyone else.

12. Some winters you have re-lit your pilot light so much, you officially become the one in the family everyone else calls.

If you have any, please be sure to let us know.

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