Have you noticed your internet is pretty quick these days? If so, you're not imagining things. A recent study found that Wyoming's internet has increased more than any other state in the country.

According to a multimedia company known as WhistleOut, during the months of the pandemic, Wyoming has had higher broadband speeds that have increased by 52 percent, which is better than all other states. Alaska came in second with a 40 percent increase. The study shows a massive improvement for Wyoming, given that last year, the state finished 46th overall in broadband connectivity.

The increase is likely due to a push from the Wyoming Broadband Council to increase internet speeds for rural communities throughout the state. With streaming networks and Zoom being a big part of everyday life throughout the pandemic, the average internet speeds throughout the U.S. have increased from 84.9 Mbps to 94.6 Mbps.

Some states haven't been so lucky as they've seen a decrease during that same time. West Virginia has had the biggest decrease by 13 percent, followed by Hawaii and Delaware at 8 percent.

But Wyoming's internet is flourishing currently so Zoom and stream away. Catch up on all the great shows you've been missing. For instance, 'Cobra Kai' is the number one show on Netflix currently and it's pretty well done too. If for some reason you haven't heard of it, Google it. You're sure to get a pretty fast internet search result.

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