A Wyoming teen is dead after rolling his pickup south of Pine Haven late Thursday night, the Wyoming Highway Patrol says.

The crash happened shortly before midnight near milepost 97 on Liberty Lane, just south of the intersection with Old Sundance Road.

The patrol says 17-year-old Gavin Reynolds was headed south on the gravel road when he went off the left side of the road, re-entered the road, overcorrected, went off the left side of the road again, and rolled his pickup.

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Reynolds, who was not wearing his seat belt, was fully ejected and died from his injuries.

The patrol says it was clear and the road was dry at the time of the crash, but the agency did not say what factors may have contributed to the crash.

Of the 54 people killed on Wyoming's highways so far this year, 13, or 24.07%, have been teenagers.


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