Despite the ongoing pandemic, many people are still taking road trips for their summer getaway as the season winds down. In the midst of it all, South Dakota and Wyoming have teamed up for the Black to Yellow tourism campaign.

The campaign is continuing to run through the end of September as it encourages tourists to take their road trips from South Dakota's Badlands National Park to Wyoming's Yellowstone National Park.

Wyoming Governor Mark Gordon and South Dakota Governor Kristi Noem made statements in a press release to promote the tourist journey. Gov. Gordon said:

Wyoming’s unparalleled wide-open spaces give travelers an abundance of opportunities to explore and to do so safely...Wyoming and South Dakota’s new road trip campaign will truly showcase the pioneering spirit, a rich history, and western hospitality both states have to offer.

An itinerary has been mapped out for the specific tourism route on the Black to Yellow website that starts at the Badlands National Park and continues to South Dakota spots like Mount Rushmore and Black Hills National Forest before crossing into Wyoming for stops like Devil's Tower and Bighorn National Forest before ending at Yellowstone National Park. The website also promotes the idea of your ideal road trip taking in the beauty of the wide open spaces and wildlife along your way.

So if you're down for a scenic road trip before fall is in full swing, there's an idea.

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