The Gillette News Record reports that at Sheridan High School (SHS), two computer science classes offer students the chance to learn how to fix computers and other electronic devices by repairing things the school uses on a daily basis.

Shirley Coulter, a teacher at SHS, teaches A+ Computer Repair and Networking as an elective all year. This class allows students to learn how to use a computer and to repair it. Also, these classes can be taken as college credits. The students currently are helping to fix the Chromebooks in the school.

This all started in 2010 as the teachers were the ones fixing the computers, now the students are doing it. As of right now, every student in the district has their own computer and there are about 3,500 students in the district.

The classes are set up so students can work at their own pace. Weekly assignments are given and if the student completes it they can start to fix more Chromebooks. The students absolutely love the hands-on experience they get. They fix problems like cracked screens on tablets and a damaged battery.

The students are also able to receive a certification from Dell, the maker of the Chromebook. This class is giving students hope for when they get out of high school, they can either get a job with computers or go to college to learn more.

“This class actually gives me an idea of what I want to do whenever I get out of high school (and) college,” Dawson Morris, SHS Junior told Gillette News Record. “… I’ve always wanted to build my own computer, and because of this class, I’ve actually gained the knowledge to know how to build my computer.”

Not only are the kids learning, but it keeps the cost down on computer repairs for the district.

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