As the ongoing pandemic continues, an updated list showed that Wyoming still cracks the top ten for fewest restrictions in the nation, despite a recent uptick in active Covid-19 cases in Laramie County, as well as statewide.

WalletHub reported that as of June 23rd, Wyoming was 10th overall in having the fewest Covid-19 restrictions while states such as South Carolina (4th overall) moved up 10 spots on the list and Oklahoma (9th) moved up a whopping 25 spots on the list. South Dakota remained at the top as having the fewest restrictions due to Covid-19

Some key statistics to keep in mind that determined Wyoming's current ranking are as follows:

  • Travel Restrictions (1st - fewest)
  • Strictness of 'Shelter in Place' order (1st - fewest)
  • Reopening of Non-Essential Businesses (1st - fewest)
  • Reopening of Bars and Restaurants (2nd - fewest)

To get an ideal where all the other states rank in terms of overall restrictions due to Covid-19, check out the map below.

Source: WalletHub
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