Another Super Bowl championship for the Denver Broncos? Vegas doesn't think so, but Wyoming does.

According to our survey this week, Bronco fans are staying loyal to their team in hopes that they take home a Super Bowl 52 championship.

Not far behind Broncos predictions however, are AFC West rivals, the Oakland Raiders. Atlanta was well represented in third place, and the team Vegas thinks will win it all, New England, is in fourth.

Here's how our the results broke down...

1. Denver Broncos - 22%

2. Oakland Raiders - 18%

3. Atlanta Falcons - 14%

4. New England Patriots - 12%

5. Green Bay Packers - 8%

6. (Tie) Dallas Cowboys - 6%

6. (Tie) Pittsburgh Steelers - 6%

8. New York Giants 2%

The only teams projected to finish with the top 10 best records this year according to that didn't get votes in our poll were the Seattle Seahawks and Houston Texans.

We did receive write in votes for: Indianapolis Colts, Minnesota Vikings, Cleveland Browns, Carolina Panthers, and Philadelphia Eagles.

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