For those living in Wyoming who have had trouble paying for their rent or mortgage as a result of the Covid-19 pandemic, they will soon be able to seek some relief thanks to the federal CARES act funding.

Emergency mortgage and rental assistance, along with security deposits and hazard insurance payments will be available should Wyoming residents be eligible. The Wyoming legislature is using $15 million from the federal CARES act funding for the emergency mortgage and rental assistance.

Scott Hoversland, executive director of Wyoming Community Development Authority, recently told Oil City News that the maximum assistance given by the state will be $2,000. That also involves 30 percent of the borrower's monthly gross income to be used as a copayment. That will also include borrowers on unemployment.

On Monday, June 1st, assistance can be applied for through the Wyoming Community Development Authority website. To be eligible for assistance, there are certain requirements which include job loss, reduction of employment, closure of employment, or other circumstances that have resulted from the Covid-19 crisis.

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