If you haven't patted yourself on the back lately for doing some good work at your job, now is the time for everyone in Wyoming to do so. It turns out that Wyoming is one of the hardest working states in America.

Some new research from our friends at WalletHub shows that Wyoming is the 3rd hardest working state in America. The research was done by ranking 10 key indicators including average workweek hours, share of workers with multiple jobs, annual volunteer hours per resident, and average leisure time spend per day. Here's how Wyoming ranked in those categories:

  • 3rd – Avg. Workweek Hours
  • 13th – Share of Workers with Multiple Jobs
  • 24th – Annual Volunteer Hours per Resident
  • 1st – Avg. Leisure Time Spent per Day

As you can see, we don't slack when it comes to spending leisure time or with the amount of hours per workweek.

North Dakota finished 1st overall with Alaska coming in 2nd just above Wyoming. Our neighbors to the south in Colorado finished 7th overall. Finishing in the bottom five were Ohio, Michigan, Rhode Island, New Mexico, and West Virginia, which took the worst ranking overall. They're probably all pretty lazy there. To find out where all other states finished, check out the map below.

Source: WalletHub
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