In case you haven't heard, 'Looney Tunes' is getting a reboot on the new streaming service, HBO Max. However, Elmer Fudd isn't getting to hunt Bugs Bunny with his typical hunting arsenal.

In the new 'Looney Tunes' reboot, the showrunners have decided not to show firearms. Therefore, Elmer Fudd will not have his trusty rifle (or as he would say, "wifle") while in pursuit of that "wascally wabbit", Bugs Bunny. Instead, Elmer will be using a 'scythe' to go after Bugs. In case you're wondering what a scythe is, it's the same weapon you always see a depiction of the Grim Reaper with.

This cannot sit well with Elmer Fudd. The only weapon at his disposal is a scythe? That's terribly inefficient! I'm not even a hunter per se, and even I know that. I mean, if you thought your 2020 was going bad, poor Elmer Fudd was just told that despite his history of being outsmarted by his rival, Bugs Bunny, he now has to attempt to catch him with a scythe? Give the guy a chance!

What Elmer should do is cut his losses with Bugs Bunny, and move to Wyoming, where he won't have to worry about having his primary weapon taken away. We're considered to be a gun-friendly state and we're also a great state for hunting. Also, it's no secret that Elmer's getting up there in age. He's been around for a minute. Well, just earlier this year, Wyoming was listed as one of the top states for retirement. It seems like the ideal stomping grounds for Elmer J. Fudd, probably more so than anywhere else.

For the record, we all know that Elmer J. Fudd is a cartoon. But we're throwing all existential parameters out the window for this one because this guy could be going through a rough time right now given the circumstances he's been dealt. Think it over, Elmer. We have plenty of room for you in Wyoming!

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