According to a new study from WalletHub, if you happen to be single and looking, Wyoming is not exactly the promise land.

Valentine's Day is next week and couples and singles will certainly have their polarizing ways of celebrating the day. In Wyoming, if you're single, you may find yourself that much lonelier. Wyoming recently showed up ranked 46th on a list of best states for singles. Conversely, that also means it's the 5th worst state for singles.

The recent study gathered data using several socioeconomic factors such as share of single adults, online dating opportunities, median credit score, and nightlife options per capita, just to name a few. As it turns out, Wyoming has the 3rd lowest share of single adults in the U.S. And if you're looking to take someone out for a night on the town, Wyoming also has the 3rd fewest restaurants per capita. At least we ended up 9th best in 'Dating Economics'.

Florida finished at the top of the list for best states for singles, followed by California, Texas, New York, and Pennsylvania to round out the top five. As for the bottom five, below Wyoming are New Mexico, North Dakota, Arkansas, and West Virginia takes the ranking as the worst state for singles.

While this might not be the most encouraging thing a single person in Wyoming might read today, just remember, at least you're not in New Mexico, North Dakota, Arkansas, or West Virginia.

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