If you've already spent part of this summer getting a little crispy, you're not alone. It turns out that many Wyomingites have been getting their fair share of sunburns so far this summer.

As more people are getting outdoors this summer, several in Wyoming may be forgetting to take their sunscreen with them according to a recent study from Zippia. The study showed that Wyoming is the 9th most sunburned state in the U.S.

The research was done by searching Google Trends during the first week of July and the amount of times the word 'sunburn' was trafficked during then.

The most sunburned state was Hawaii, which is not exactly a surprise, followed by South Carolina and Florida, who are also some of the usual suspects. Alaska finished last on the list, while just a few spots from the bottom, surprisingly was California. They finished 47th on the list with New Mexico, finishing at 46th.

Perhaps Californians just know to use sunscreen appropriately because of seeing the setting of so many movies in L.A. And if we learned anything from Breaking Bad, which was in New Mexico, all of Walter White's meetings with the drug cartel took place in the desert where it was crazy sunny (it was either that or at Los Pollos Hermanos). You can only think that must have convinced everyone to be well prepared to purchase sunscreen in bulk.

In any case, make sure you're using your sunscreen because there's definitely plenty of summer left. And while you're enjoying it, please continue to stay safe!

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