This title looks rather crazy based on where Wyoming stands in comparison to other states and their statistics during the outbreak of Covid-19. However, a recent study shows otherwise.

Wallethub recently did some more in-depth research to see just how our state stacks up against others in aggressively dealing with the outbreak of the Coronavirus. The study has Wyoming ranked 47th overall in terms of how aggressive it's been in taking action against the virus.

One obvious measure that was taken into consideration in this study is the fact that Wyoming is one of the few states that have not issued a 'stay-at-home' order, as of yet anyway. Other measures taken into consideration for Wyoming's ranking within the study were:

  • Prevention & Contamination (41st)
  • Risk Factors & Infrastructure (47th)
  • Economic Impact (46th)


One could certainly argue with the study that Wyoming has not yet needed to take as aggressive measures as several states have due to, not only our low population, but the fact that because things are so spread out in our state, it's rather easy for most of the state to naturally 'social distance'.

As of this morning (April 8th), we had 221 reported cases of Covid-19, which is the 2nd least in the nation, and we're the only state to have zero deaths from the virus. It seems that these statistics should have been taken into account for this study, but didn't seem to have any bearing on it whatsoever.

That being said, it is still a rough unprecedented time in our history and we can only continue to help doing our part to 'flatten the curve' overall. Stay safe, Wyoming!


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