Perhaps before Halloween would have been a more operative time to compile this stat given the nature of its content, but it's also never a bad time to learn just how much you and your state are afraid of the dark. In Wyoming, not so much.

As adults, even we, as a general population in the country tend to be relatively afraid of the dark. That may sound like a silly thing to say, but it's true. It could be a variety of reasons. Maybe because it's tougher to see in the dark, or statistically, more crimes at happen at night, or maybe it's just something that's stuck since you were younger and just never liked the dark. There's a lot of different reasons why people are afraid of the dark. In Wyoming, we're the 16th least afraid of the dark of any state.

Out of a recent survey of Wyoming residents, only 36.36 percent of people said they were afraid of the dark (whether they wanted to admit it or not). We're one of the more not-so-fearing the dark states in all of the union. In West Virginia, they have only 14.29 percent of adults that fear the dark, which was tops in the nation. They just want you to keep the lights off apparently. And in Montana, they hate the dark. 75 percent of adults are afraid of the dark there.

According to E-conolight, both adult men and women were relatively evenly split in the survey that asked whether or not they feared the dark. When asked about specific reasons they don't like the dark, the most popular ways that it makes them feel uneasy, which is the case for almost one-third of the people in the survey. About 29 percent say they are simply afraid of the dark, about 25 percent say they don't mind the dark, and just 4 percent claimed that they like the dark.

In any event, it seems that Wyoming doesn't have nearly the fear of the dark as most states do. If you happen to be curious about other reasons why adults fear the dark, check out some of the other results in the survey here.

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