Some states in the U.S. have been extremely relaxed when it comes the restrictions placed due to the Covid-19 pandemic while some others have clamped down. Wyoming's ranking compared to some states may surprise you.

WalletHub released the list that shows where states rank based on their state's restrictions based on factors such as states having 'stay-at-home' orders, whether or not some bars and restaurants are reopening, if travel is restricted, if schools are reopening, and whether or not masks are required. Wyoming ranks 18th overall when it comes to Covid-19 restrictions. The state with the most relaxed restrictions was South Dakota.

There are arguments from both sides that think either there are too many restrictions in the state, evidenced by the lowest amount cases and deaths from Covid-19, or there's the side that thinks it's because of the restrictions in place, that has led to Wyoming having the least amount of cases and deaths resulting from the pandemic.

Aside from Colorado, all surrounding border states of Wyoming have lesser restrictions that we do here, according to the rankings. Colorado ranked 33rd on the list while Nebraska was 14th, Utah was 2nd, Idaho was 5th, Montana was 7th, and as mentioned, South Dakota ranked 1st, having the least restrictions. The map below shows where all other states in the nation rank.

Source: WalletHub

Regardless of where you stand on the idea of restrictions, keep staying safe, Wyoming!

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