Teachers have such an incredible impact on the lives of all students. Unfortunately, the pandemic threw a wrench into everyone's plans including the way many teachers go about their daily jobs. Given today's current situation, where would you think the best states for teachers are?WalletHub recently researched where each state ranks based on several determining factors, including teacher income growth potential, student-teacher ratio, digital learning plans, and several others. Wyoming turned outranked in the top 20 on the list of best states for teachers as they came away with the 19th overall ranking.

Two main factors determining Wyoming's ranking were 'Opportunity & Competition' rank in which Wyoming finished 21st and 'Academic & Work Environment' where the state ranked 19th. Overall, that's a pretty solid ranking in the top 20.

Washington finished with the top ranking overall, followed by Utah, New Jersey, Delaware, and Pennsylvania. Finishing in the bottom three were Arizona, New Mexico, and New Hampshire, as they took the bottom spot, or 'worst state for teachers' title.

While it's a strange time for everyone and both teachers and students are still adjusting, based on the research, know that there are definitely a lot worse places you could be than in Wyoming. To see where each state ranked, check out the map below.

Source: WalletHub
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