Five student ambassadors and a few staff members from Ethete's Wyoming Indian High School had the opportunity to take part in a cultural exchange trip to France this month where they played an important role in a historic event.

Christin Singer, Summer Watan, Jocelia Her Many Horses, Halle Robinson, and Elizabeth Valdez were selected for the trip after an application process. Staff members Julie Her Many Horses, Chico Her Many Horses, Michelle Anderson, and Michael (Eugene) Ridge Bear also had the opportunity to go. The staff and students created fundraisers to help them obtain their financial goals for the journey.

The exchange was centered around a major piece of American and world history. Monday, May 28th was the 100th anniversary of the Battle of Cantigny. The event was the first major American battle and offensive in World War I. American and French troops worked together to reduce a salient made by the Germans in the town of Cantigny, France. The list of United States servicemen involved included several Native Americans.

The Wyoming Indian students attended a ceremony for the battle on Saturday where they preformed traditional dances for servicemen, local students, and several onlookers.

Wyoming Indian High School
Wyoming Indian High School

Beyond the historic event, students are participating in a 15-day agenda of sightseeing and classroom lessons.

Students and staff members coordinated host families organized by teachers from a high school in Montdidier, France. In return, several French students and staff members plan to visit to Wyoming in 2019.

Photos are courtesy of: Wyoming Indian High School, Chiefs Nation, Julie Her Many Horses, Eugene Ridge Bear, and Michelle Anderson.

Check back soon as we are planning to upload videos of WIHS' dance performances. 


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