Peace and quiet can be a nice luxury to have no matter where you live. Some states happen to have much more of it than others. It just so happens that if you live in Wyoming, you're neighbors are some of the quietest in the nation.

A housing website known as The Waycroft recently conducted a survey that showed which states have the loudest and quietest neighbors in the U.S. Given the politeness of Wyomingites and the amount of rural regions throughout the state, it should be no surprise that Wyoming showed up in the top ten on the list for having the quietest neighbors. We finished 9th overall on the list.

The survey showed that in Wyoming, we had 8.4 percent less noise than the national average. South Carolina ranked as having the quietest neighbors with 14.9 percent less noise than the national average. The top ten was made up of mostly coastal and Midwest states, while Wyoming and Nevada were the only two western states to make the top ten quietest (Nevada was the 8th quietest).

According to the survey, the loudest neighbors come from...Idaho? That's not the state you would think might top the list, but apparently Idaho has some work to do when it comes to neighborly noise etiquette. The finished 15.6 percent noisier than the national average. New York finished second, which was expected at the top of the list, and then Vermont of all places finished third.

In terms of who the noise is coming from, Millennials make the most which seems to be 4.9 percent above the national average. Leave it to my generation to be the trouble makers. I'm not surprised. If I ever have to answer for what sounds like parties nightly at my place, I promise it's just my cat. She's very rambunctious.

To check out the full survey from The Waycroft, click the link here.

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