At a time when the pandemic is spiking both nationwide and locally in Wyoming, now is certainly a good time for anyone to get their flu shots as that season is upon us. Unfortunately, Wyoming has one of the worst flu vaccine rates in the nation.

According to the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention, Wyoming is below the national average for getting a flu vaccination shot. The national average for the 2019-2020 year is 51.8 percent. Wyoming's is currently 47.3 percent which is the 3rd worst flu vaccine rate in the nation.

Wyoming News Now reports that Adrian Mak, CEO of Advisorsmith has stated that with winter approaching and now current vaccine for Covid-19, it would definitely be beneficial to get their flu vaccinations. Mak said, "That will be helpful as the coronavirus pandemic continues to reduce the amount of people that have flu."

The Wyoming flu vaccine rate is up from 2017 when it was just 41.1 percent, but still one of the lowest in the country. News broke earlier this week that Pfizer is relatively close on a vaccine for Covid-19, but it still needs time to be ready and then distributed at some point in 2021, given that all trials for the vaccine continue their success.

For anyone wondering if they should get a flu shot, the CDC currently recommends getting a flu shot for anyone that is older than six months. The hope from Mak is that with the pandemic numbers spiking like never before, more focus will be on getting flu vaccinations in the state during 2020.

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